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About Bodies Akimbo

Lory Teicheira, a physical therapist with over 30 years of experience. She evaluates the musculoskeletal system of each individual and designs a treatment program with respect to personal history, current obstacles, and goals.

Her philosophy is: identify painful or faulty movements, promote healthy biomechanics and function using education and specific exercise, encourage personal endeavor and independence.


Lory graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1978 as department valedictorian. In 1980, she graduated from the University of California San Francisco with a degree in physical therapy.

She is licensed by the state of California to practice physical therapy and has specialized in orthopedics.

Lory brings dedication and expertise to her practice including extensive training in Pilates.

She regularly updates her education to stay current. Her most recent courses (2013) include:

  1. “Functional Biomechanics of The Lower Quarter: Evaluation and Treatment”.
  2. “Functional Biomechanics of The Lower Quarter: Evaluation and Treatment of Gait and Running” with Video Analysis.
  3. "Ethics for the Physical Therapist"
  4. "CPR for Health Care Providers"

Lory founded her private Petaluma practice in 2000 on the principles of comprehensive and thorough care. While limitations and cost cutting measures may occur with some providers, quality of care is the number one priority with Bodies Akimbo.

Lory Teicheira, PT